Income Inequality

Hello! I am going to talk a bit about income inequality. First off income is the money received by a person from work or maybe an investment, and inequality is in the best words the lack of equality. Now when you put these words together it is the unequal amount of money received by people of different classes.

“America’s 20 wealthiest people… now own more wealth than the bottom half of the American population combined, a total of 152 million people in 57 million households” (Source). This is very sad because the people on the bottom work very hard and deserve to be making more. I am not saying that those top people are not working hard but wealth is usually inherited and so someone might have worked hard but it most likely is not  going to be the person with the wealth now.

“The median American family has a net worth of $81,000. The Forbes 400 own more wealth than 36 million of these typical American families. That’s as many households in the United States that own cats” (Source). the big question to me is how did these people get this much money in the first place. They could have worked really hard like the working class or there could be something more behind their wealth.

In history it shows that if the middle class is thriving it is better for everyone because the middle class is going to want to buy more to fuel the businesses more which in turn will give everyone more money. With out a strong middle class people will not have as much expendable money to save or to spend both helping a lot of people.

Wealth is tricky because wealth makes people powerful but if you really think about it is not the wealthy that are in power but the working middle class. The people that have the true power just do not think they can use it. We tend to listen to people with money but if we stopped then what would happen, I think they would eventually disappear. People only have money because we take the time to listen to them and their ideas.

I feel like wealthy people think they are special snowflakes but in the long run they are not. Someone in their family may have invented something or gotten rich in some other way but the person now with the wealth did they really earn it.

I think this problem could easily be sorted out by taxing the rich more and not allowing tax breaks for people who make above a certain amount of money. Sadly these 400 people would highly object and we would be back where we started. It is a never ending circle but eventually with the right minds on the topic I think it can be fixed.

It is important that we try to fix this problem because in the long run the rich having to much money is not even good for them because they are not putting anything back into the economy which my backfire even on them one day.


Syrian Civil War

Hello. In this blog I will cover three topics. The first being the history of the war, then talk about Syrian refugees, and lastly the tragedy that happened in Paris.

First off here is a little history on the Syrian government and the Syrian Civil war. In 1946 Syria gained independence and got a flag. Then in 1957 Syria signed a pact with the Soviet Union to try communism. In 1958 Syria and Egypt briefly became one country called the Arab Republic but then in 1961 Syria decided to secede from the Arab Republic. After a leader died in 2000 they changed the age to be elected form 40 to 34. The new leader did not take kindly to the Arab Spring protests and told solders to fire on the protesters thus starting the Civil war.(A little history)

Now here is a little information about who is fighting this war. There are four different sides to the war Assad who is the leader of Syria, the Rebels, the Kurds, and ISIS. All of these different powers have different forget backers, this is a problem because the forge backers can not agree on who they are fighting. The rebels after the Arab Spring protests form the Free Syrian Army. After the army is formed extremists start to join the rebels and Assad promotes this to make it harder for the rebels to get foreign aid. The other group called the Kurds also then secede from Assads rule. Iran then starts to help Assad but the Gulf States, through turkey help the Rebels. Hezbollah then starts to fight with Assad and Iran. Jordan then starts helping the Rebels. The United States wants to start a program to train the Rebels through the CIA. Then Assad uses chemical weapons on the Syrian people.The United States then goes through with the plan and sends the CIA over to train the Rebels. ISIS then comes into the war. The Pentagon then launches another Rebel training program but this time they could not fight Assad but they could only fight ISIS, this program became unpopular quick and they had to pull out. Now the United States does not know who the bigger enemy is, Assad or ISIS. This goes back to the fact that the foreign backers cannot agree who they are fighting, thus making more of a mess. (Powers who are fighting info)

The refuge crisis has been going on for many years but only really got noticed recently because while trying to get to Europe on an unsafe smuggling boat a three year old boy drowned. Because of other nations not accepting these people 7.6 million people are moved to safe places in Syria and only 4 million have made it out of the country safely. The country that are allowing refuges have underfunded places for them to stay. Syrians are wanting to get to Europe so they have resorted to using these unsafe smuggling boats because Europe will not let them in legally. Refuges have certain rights under international law. We have legal and ethical obligations to refuges. (Info on refuge crisis)

The tragedy that happened in Paris started with ISIS attacking with gunmen and suicide bombers. This tragedy killed at least 129 people and wounded several others. The first explosion was at a stadium. The next attack was a gun attack which was on a street. While this attack was happening more attacks near the center of town were happening as well. Then diners at a restraint were shot at which left five people dead and eight injured. Then after these restaurant attacks there came more gun attacks on another street. Then after this there was another suicide bomber on a boulevard, in which one other person was injured.Then a short time later came the last attack on a concert hall. This was the most deadly attack because the event there was sold out. (Info on Paris attacks)


Should the Government be Able to Force Immunizations on its Citizens?

In the past when deceases were less curable and getting immunizations was very important because less people would be running around with diseases that could potentially be deadly.

Now that these diseases have mostly been eradicated and if not fully gone they have the ability to find the disease more easily I do not think the government should be subjecting its citizens to mandatory immunizations. Mandatory immunizations is not only a violation of religious freedom but forcing them would be a violation of ones personal freedoms.


Not all religions are against immunizations but the ones that are believe that they prolong life that was not supposed to be that long. On the other hand quite a few religions support it because they believe that immunizations can save lives and they support that. (Overview of Religions Beliefs on Immunizations)

For a lot of people religion is an important part of there lives. In the First Amendment there is a thing called the Free Exercise Clause which allows citizens to practice whatever religion they want to. (Overview of the Free Exercise Clause) So forcing immunizations would be violating their First Amendment right to freely practice their own religion the way it was intended to be practiced.

Some religions have changed the way they think of immunizations but it should always come down to the individual person if they want it or not. It is not really the governments or their religions say if they get an immunization or not, it is that persons.

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Forcing immunizations is also violating our personal rights because some people can get very sick from immunizations and maybe even die. There are not a lot of cases of this happening but there are enough to where they should be doing  more research so their can be a treatment for the people that could potentially die.

If someone dies due to one of the immunizations that our government deems safe for public consumption then it looks bad on them and I do not see why they would risk that for something that may or may not work for everybody.

Science is not always perfect so how do they even know this immunization will work of everyone. If they are labeling it as something that can prevent diseases and it does not do its job then they have angry people that want answers on why it did not work if it was mandatory.

What do I believe about this you may ask? I not only think that this is not okay but I think it is really unnecessary because like I said above it is not guaranteed to work. I also believe that this would infringe on our personal rights because it is not safe for everyone to get one. As for religion I believe you should be able to practice what you want, this includes no immunizations, as long as you are not hurting anyone. Over all I just think that mandatory immunizations would be a very bad idea in general and should not be a thing.

Political Ideology!!!

Hello again! I am back here with another post but this time the blog is about different political ideologies. In this post I will discuss different parties and their beliefs and what party makes the most since to me and why.

First off a political ideology is a set of opinions or beliefs of a group or an individual, usually referring to politics. (Ideology Definition) When looking at this definition it talks about different beliefs of people and this is very important because if we all believed the same thing then life would be very boring and we would always here the same thing from everyone.

There are two main ideologies in America, those are the Liberals, most closely connected to the Democratic party, and Conservatives, most closely connected to the Republican party. Those are not the only two but they are talked about most in American politics.


Liberals usually believe that the government should not be involved in social issues but involved in economic issues. Some social issues Liberals vouch for would be like marriage equality, pro-choice, freedom to believe in whatever God you want or no God at all, and just over all human rights for all. In economic issues  they do not believe the government should be involved to much so they would be against something like using corporate money in our elections. (Liberal information)


On the other hand s believe that government should be involved in social issues but not in economic issues. Conservatives would be against things like marriage equality and pro-choice. They do believe in gun rights (a lot of gun rights). Economically they support a free market system which means more jobs and a higher standard of living, in theory. (Conservative Information)


One of the smaller parties are the Libertarians. As a smaller party they do not have much attention directed toward them but they have some interesting beliefs. They believe that the government should not be involved in economic or social issues, but they do encourage the government for a military and police force. (Libertarian information)


Centrists are people that do not really identify as a specific political party. They believe in solutions and getting things done and will vote for the person who will do that. They also believe in doing whats right and that is why they do not prescribe to a political party because they do not always know that the candidate they chose will do the right thing. (Centrist information)

Now to answer the question of what party I identify as. For one I do like the liberal ideas about social issues but not about economic issues. I like the Conservative ideas about economy and gun rights but I do not like how they handle social things . With that being said one would put forth a guess and say I would be Libertarian because I like freedom in social and economic aspects, I would then say they were correct. I believe that if people let the government have any power with much they will turn into robots and will never be able to do what they want, as long as the do not hurt anyone.

Youth Apathy?

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Hello world I hope everyone enjoys this blog thing, okay I well here it is! Today I will be talking about young people and they’re so called apathy and I will also attempt to prove these stereotypes wrong.It seems as if people have negative outlooks on today’s youth and think that we don’t care, but today I am going to try my best to prove stereotypes about today’s youth wrong.

First off lets address some of the stereotypes, First off some adults think we are lazy. For some this may be true but not for everyone like me for instance I have a job and volunteer , I do well in school, and work my hardest at everything I do (I’m not trying to act like a special snow flake here but it is true).

Here is a site like monster jobs but you can find volunteer positions on it that fits what you are interested in. (Volunteer Match)

Secondly, some adults say that we just don’t care or are apathetic, when it comes to politics and things, this is far from the truth because everyone has some kind of an opinion about something but sometimes it is hard of us as adolescents to get our voice out there and say what we want to say especially when it comes to government and politics.

It is hard to have an educated opinion when on is surrounded by either biased people or adult people who don’t care. This is why I believe that we need better education on current affairs not just for adolescents but for adults as well. With this being said I believe there is a potential for a youth movement because we really do care and have opinions but like I said before it is really hard to share and express them. I also believe what everyone has to say is very important so there needs to be a way for adolescents to share their thoughts and a youth movement would be a fantastic way to express those thoughts and feelings.


With all this being said I do believe that adolescents should be more involved with the community, politics, and the world. Everything needs to be changed eventually and I believe today’s youth has to be a part of these changes and have a say about these changes that are going to be made. Change is a very important thing and everyone needs to be involved weather young or old because everyone’s opinion is important and should be heard.

So to sum all of that up today’s youth can change the world And I feel that we are going to change the world and it is really important that we change it for the better and I personally believe we can if we set our minds to it. Changing the world is something I would like to be apart of and I bet it would be something everyone would like to take part in.

I believe that the only way to change the world is for everyone to be involved weather one is young or old. Here are a few simple things that you could do to help someone in your community with another volunteering site at the bottom of the page. (100+ Ways to Change Your Community)

Thank you for taking the time to reading this I hope you all found it interesting and I hope someone got something from what I wrote today.