Syrian Civil War

Hello. In this blog I will cover three topics. The first being the history of the war, then talk about Syrian refugees, and lastly the tragedy that happened in Paris.

First off here is a little history on the Syrian government and the Syrian Civil war. In 1946 Syria gained independence and got a flag. Then in 1957 Syria signed a pact with the Soviet Union to try communism. In 1958 Syria and Egypt briefly became one country called the Arab Republic but then in 1961 Syria decided to secede from the Arab Republic. After a leader died in 2000 they changed the age to be elected form 40 to 34. The new leader did not take kindly to the Arab Spring protests and told solders to fire on the protesters thus starting the Civil war.(A little history)

Now here is a little information about who is fighting this war. There are four different sides to the war Assad who is the leader of Syria, the Rebels, the Kurds, and ISIS. All of these different powers have different forget backers, this is a problem because the forge backers can not agree on who they are fighting. The rebels after the Arab Spring protests form the Free Syrian Army. After the army is formed extremists start to join the rebels and Assad promotes this to make it harder for the rebels to get foreign aid. The other group called the Kurds also then secede from Assads rule. Iran then starts to help Assad but the Gulf States, through turkey help the Rebels. Hezbollah then starts to fight with Assad and Iran. Jordan then starts helping the Rebels. The United States wants to start a program to train the Rebels through the CIA. Then Assad uses chemical weapons on the Syrian people.The United States then goes through with the plan and sends the CIA over to train the Rebels. ISIS then comes into the war. The Pentagon then launches another Rebel training program but this time they could not fight Assad but they could only fight ISIS, this program became unpopular quick and they had to pull out. Now the United States does not know who the bigger enemy is, Assad or ISIS. This goes back to the fact that the foreign backers cannot agree who they are fighting, thus making more of a mess. (Powers who are fighting info)

The refuge crisis has been going on for many years but only really got noticed recently because while trying to get to Europe on an unsafe smuggling boat a three year old boy drowned. Because of other nations not accepting these people 7.6 million people are moved to safe places in Syria and only 4 million have made it out of the country safely. The country that are allowing refuges have underfunded places for them to stay. Syrians are wanting to get to Europe so they have resorted to using these unsafe smuggling boats because Europe will not let them in legally. Refuges have certain rights under international law. We have legal and ethical obligations to refuges. (Info on refuge crisis)

The tragedy that happened in Paris started with ISIS attacking with gunmen and suicide bombers. This tragedy killed at least 129 people and wounded several others. The first explosion was at a stadium. The next attack was a gun attack which was on a street. While this attack was happening more attacks near the center of town were happening as well. Then diners at a restraint were shot at which left five people dead and eight injured. Then after these restaurant attacks there came more gun attacks on another street. Then after this there was another suicide bomber on a boulevard, in which one other person was injured.Then a short time later came the last attack on a concert hall. This was the most deadly attack because the event there was sold out. (Info on Paris attacks)



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