Should the Government be Able to Force Immunizations on its Citizens?

In the past when deceases were less curable and getting immunizations was very important because less people would be running around with diseases that could potentially be deadly.

Now that these diseases have mostly been eradicated and if not fully gone they have the ability to find the disease more easily I do not think the government should be subjecting its citizens to mandatory immunizations. Mandatory immunizations is not only a violation of religious freedom but forcing them would be a violation of ones personal freedoms.


Not all religions are against immunizations but the ones that are believe that they prolong life that was not supposed to be that long. On the other hand quite a few religions support it because they believe that immunizations can save lives and they support that. (Overview of Religions Beliefs on Immunizations)

For a lot of people religion is an important part of there lives. In the First Amendment there is a thing called the Free Exercise Clause which allows citizens to practice whatever religion they want to. (Overview of the Free Exercise Clause) So forcing immunizations would be violating their First Amendment right to freely practice their own religion the way it was intended to be practiced.

Some religions have changed the way they think of immunizations but it should always come down to the individual person if they want it or not. It is not really the governments or their religions say if they get an immunization or not, it is that persons.

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Forcing immunizations is also violating our personal rights because some people can get very sick from immunizations and maybe even die. There are not a lot of cases of this happening but there are enough to where they should be doing  more research so their can be a treatment for the people that could potentially die.

If someone dies due to one of the immunizations that our government deems safe for public consumption then it looks bad on them and I do not see why they would risk that for something that may or may not work for everybody.

Science is not always perfect so how do they even know this immunization will work of everyone. If they are labeling it as something that can prevent diseases and it does not do its job then they have angry people that want answers on why it did not work if it was mandatory.

What do I believe about this you may ask? I not only think that this is not okay but I think it is really unnecessary because like I said above it is not guaranteed to work. I also believe that this would infringe on our personal rights because it is not safe for everyone to get one. As for religion I believe you should be able to practice what you want, this includes no immunizations, as long as you are not hurting anyone. Over all I just think that mandatory immunizations would be a very bad idea in general and should not be a thing.


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