Political Ideology!!!

Hello again! I am back here with another post but this time the blog is about different political ideologies. In this post I will discuss different parties and their beliefs and what party makes the most since to me and why.

First off a political ideology is a set of opinions or beliefs of a group or an individual, usually referring to politics. (Ideology Definition) When looking at this definition it talks about different beliefs of people and this is very important because if we all believed the same thing then life would be very boring and we would always here the same thing from everyone.

There are two main ideologies in America, those are the Liberals, most closely connected to the Democratic party, and Conservatives, most closely connected to the Republican party. Those are not the only two but they are talked about most in American politics.


Liberals usually believe that the government should not be involved in social issues but involved in economic issues. Some social issues Liberals vouch for would be like marriage equality, pro-choice, freedom to believe in whatever God you want or no God at all, and just over all human rights for all. In economic issues  they do not believe the government should be involved to much so they would be against something like using corporate money in our elections. (Liberal information)


On the other hand s believe that government should be involved in social issues but not in economic issues. Conservatives would be against things like marriage equality and pro-choice. They do believe in gun rights (a lot of gun rights). Economically they support a free market system which means more jobs and a higher standard of living, in theory. (Conservative Information)


One of the smaller parties are the Libertarians. As a smaller party they do not have much attention directed toward them but they have some interesting beliefs. They believe that the government should not be involved in economic or social issues, but they do encourage the government for a military and police force. (Libertarian information)


Centrists are people that do not really identify as a specific political party. They believe in solutions and getting things done and will vote for the person who will do that. They also believe in doing whats right and that is why they do not prescribe to a political party because they do not always know that the candidate they chose will do the right thing. (Centrist information)

Now to answer the question of what party I identify as. For one I do like the liberal ideas about social issues but not about economic issues. I like the Conservative ideas about economy and gun rights but I do not like how they handle social things . With that being said one would put forth a guess and say I would be Libertarian because I like freedom in social and economic aspects, I would then say they were correct. I believe that if people let the government have any power with much they will turn into robots and will never be able to do what they want, as long as the do not hurt anyone.