Youth Apathy?

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Hello world I hope everyone enjoys this blog thing, okay I well here it is! Today I will be talking about young people and they’re so called apathy and I will also attempt to prove these stereotypes wrong.It seems as if people have negative outlooks on today’s youth and think that we don’t care, but today I am going to try my best to prove stereotypes about today’s youth wrong.

First off lets address some of the stereotypes, First off some adults think we are lazy. For some this may be true but not for everyone like me for instance I have a job and volunteer , I do well in school, and work my hardest at everything I do (I’m not trying to act like a special snow flake here but it is true).

Here is a site like monster jobs but you can find volunteer positions on it that fits what you are interested in. (Volunteer Match)

Secondly, some adults say that we just don’t care or are apathetic, when it comes to politics and things, this is far from the truth because everyone has some kind of an opinion about something but sometimes it is hard of us as adolescents to get our voice out there and say what we want to say especially when it comes to government and politics.

It is hard to have an educated opinion when on is surrounded by either biased people or adult people who don’t care. This is why I believe that we need better education on current affairs not just for adolescents but for adults as well. With this being said I believe there is a potential for a youth movement because we really do care and have opinions but like I said before it is really hard to share and express them. I also believe what everyone has to say is very important so there needs to be a way for adolescents to share their thoughts and a youth movement would be a fantastic way to express those thoughts and feelings.


With all this being said I do believe that adolescents should be more involved with the community, politics, and the world. Everything needs to be changed eventually and I believe today’s youth has to be a part of these changes and have a say about these changes that are going to be made. Change is a very important thing and everyone needs to be involved weather young or old because everyone’s opinion is important and should be heard.

So to sum all of that up today’s youth can change the world And I feel that we are going to change┬áthe world and it is really important that we change it for the better and I personally believe we can if we set our minds to it. Changing the world is something I would like to be apart of and I bet it would be something everyone would like to take part in.

I believe that the only way to change the world is for everyone to be involved weather one is young or old. Here are a few simple things that you could do to help someone in your community with another volunteering site at the bottom of the page. (100+ Ways to Change Your Community)

Thank you for taking the time to reading this I hope you all found it interesting and I hope someone got something from what I wrote today.